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Personal information protection policy

The purposes of use customer information (hereinafter referred to as "personal information") of the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles (hereinafter referred to as “SIAA”) are as follows. SIAA would like to continuously provide information useful to customers. In handling the personal information of customers, we will understand its importance and appropriately handle the personal information in accordance with the laws and regulations on personal information protection.

Scope of application of the idea on privacy policy

- The SIAA's purposes of use for obtaining personal information are as follows. If the personal information is obtained for purposes not specified here, the purposes of use will be exhibited in advance when the personal information of users is obtained.
1. To provide information to users and inform users of relevant activities.
2. To perform person authentication and review of users.
3. To prepare statistical data processed into a form where individuals are not identified nor specified by statistically summarizing and analyzing the personal information.

Appropriate obtainment

SIAA will not obtain personal information by unfair methods such as falsifying the personal information of users. SIAA will utilize the personal information of users within the scope specified in the "utilization purposes."

Provision to third parties

SIAA will not provide the personal information to third parties, except for the following cases:
1. When the personal information is provided to companies and organizations to which consent of users has been obtained in advance.
2. When provision is based on laws and regulations.
3. When provision is necessary for protection of human life, body, or property, and when it is difficult to obtain consent from users.
4. When provision is especially required for improvement in public health or promotion of sound development of children, and when it is difficult to obtain consent from users.
5. When cooperation is required for implementation of office work specified by laws and regulations by national organizations or local governments or their contractors, and when implementation of the work may be impaired by obtainment of consent from users.

Safety control

SIAA will take necessary and appropriate measures for safety control such as prevention of leaking, loss, or damage of the handled personal information.


In order to protect the personal information of users, SIAA may revise the privacy policy in association with amendments to laws and regulations and other standards, etc.
Revision will be informed on the website.