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What is Antibacterial

Inhibiting bacteria for a long period is referred to as Antibacterial.
It is distinguished from pasteurization and eradication, which temporarily kills and eliminates bacteria.

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What is Antifungal

Inhibition of growth of specified mold
below the standard compared to the surface of non-treated Boukabi products.

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What is Antiviral

This refers to reducing the number of specific viruses on a product.

What is SIAA?

The Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA) is an organization of manufacturers and testing institutions for the popularization of appropriate and secure treated Antibacterial/Antifungal products. We maintain rules for quality and safety of Antibacterial/Antifungal, and
certify the SIAA marks, the symbols that ensure safety and reliability.
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What are SIAA marks?

Symbol marks for Kohkin/Boukabi established by SIAA.
Labeling of the SIAA marks is permitted only for products that meet 3 criteria.
  Antimicrobial property Antifungal property   Safety   Appropriate labeling  
What are SIAA marks?

What are treated Kohkin/Boukabi products?

Products that meet the criteria specified by SIAA for JIS/ISO antimicrobial tests.
Use of treated Antibacterial/Antifungal products can help create comfortable and sanitary environments.



We are seeking a broad range of companies and organizations that will comply with the purposes of this Society.
Members may display the SIAA marks and interact with other companies
for new business opportunities.

Details on membership
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New member: Thermos (China) Housewares Co Ltd, Zhejiang iKAHE Sanitary Ware Co.,ltd. and Kamenoko-tawashi Nishio Shoten
Became a new member on Apr.
Thermos (China) Housewares Co Ltd registers insulating container,
Zhejiang iKAHE Sanitary Ware Co.,ltd. registers toilet seat.
Kamenoko-tawashi Nishio Shoten registers Kichen sponge.
New member: Richell Corporation.
Became a new member on Apr.
To registers Antifungal Shower chair.
New member: OHE & Co.,Ltd.
OHE & Co.,Ltd. became a new member on March.
To registere Antimicrobial and Antifungal Kitchen sponge.
New member: AD COMMUNICATION Co.,Ltd.
AD COMMUNICATION Co.,Ltd. became a new member on Feb.
To registere Escalator handrail film.
New member: Leader Optronics Technology Co., Ltd. and KAWAJUN Co., Ltd.
Became a new member on Jan.
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