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Download the rules/application forms


You can download the rules/ application forms of SIAA from here.
The operating manual is members only. When the member logs in, You can download all documents.

K02 Articles of Incorporation Organization International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles(General Incorporated Associations)
K03 Membership Provisions
K04 Membership Fees Provisions
K05 Rules of the Concerning the Procedures for Electing the Officers
K06 Provisions Concerning the Administration of Organization
K06 Organization for the Societyrt Of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles
K07 Voluntary Specifications for Quality and Safety
K07-1 Categories of Sustainability Test for Voluntary Registration (Guideline)
K08 Labeling and Terminology Provisions
K09 Admission Provisions
K10 Provisions for Voluntary Registration of Quality and Safety Data etc.
K11 Provisions for Antibacterial products and Antifungal products Control Managers
K12 Provisions for Antibacterial and Antifungal Test Managers
K13 Provisions for Surveillance and Monitoring of Antibacterial-Antifungal Products
K14 SIAA Brand Mark Management and Operation Provisions
K15 Internet Website Management and Operation Provisions
K16 Commendation Provisions
K17 Steering Committee Operation Provisions
K18 Commissioned Operation Acceptance Provisions
K19 Overseas Visiting Expenses Handling Provisions
K20 Incentives Provisions
K21 Evaluation Technology Management Provisions of Antibacterial Performance
K24 Society Document Management Provisions
K26 Judging Provisions for Listing of Antifungal Agent in the Positive List
K27 Administrative Provisions of Antibacterial Article Improvement Committee
K28 Provisions pertaining to Withdrawal from Membership
K29 Provisions pertaining to Duties of Managing Director
K30 Provisions on the Scope of Registered Processed Products
K31 Guidelines for Quality Control of Registered Products
K32 Guidelines for Description of Products in Advertisements
KG  Quality Manual Concerning Antibacterial Proficiency Testing Program
KX    Articles of Association of the General Incorporated Association SIAA

M02- Operating Manual for Product Classification Examples and Product Durability Categories - Antibacterial and Antifungal,Power Sustainability Test for Antibacterial Products -
M03- Labeling and Terminology Manual
M04- Manual for Filling in the Admission/Voluntary Registration Data Sheets Concerning Quality and Safety
M05- Manual for Copies of JNLA Logo-bearing Test Result Certificates
M06- Operating Manual for Provisions for Surveillance and Monitoring of Antibacterial Products
M07- Manual for Transmission of Chairperson’s Documents
M08- Operating Manuals Concerning the Handling of Detailed Rules
M09- Internal Rules for Remuneration and Travel Costs for Lecturers
M10- Operating Manuals Concerning the Handling of JIS Compliant Antibacterial Products
M11- Manual for Calculating Expenses Concerning Commissioned Operations
M12- Notice of Withdrawal of Membership
M13- Notice of Change
M14-On the Interpretation of “Set of Equivalent Antibacterial Products”
M16- Pledge
M17- Letter of Recommendation
M18- Admission Provisions Operating Manual
M19- Internal Rules for Remuneration and Travel Costs for Attendees at the Particular Committees and Meetings Held by the Society
M20- Manual for How to Fill in the Antifungal Agent Positive List Entry Sheet
M21- Operating Manual on the Handling of Final Antibacterial Products Made With Interim Antibacterial Products
M22- Operating Manual for the Use of the SIAA Brand Mark by Nonmembers
M23- User Manual for How to Fill in the Antifungal Agent Positive List Entry Sheet (Q & A)
M24- Operating Manual on periodical Performance Check System
M25- Product Registration Manual


Letter of Recommendation