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Introduction of testing institutions


JNLA testing institutions (certificate authorities)

For registration of products, it is necessary to pass antimicrobial tests by the JNLA testing institutions, SIAA members, listed in the following table.

List of JNLA testing institutions of SIAA members

Testing institution ID Organization name Assignment
(without title)
Tel Fax
000142JP Osaka Office & Laboratory, Boken Quality Evaluation Institute Muromaki 06-4707-0030 06-4707-0040
000148JP Kaizuka Office, Research Laboratory Division, Unitika Garments Technology & Research Laboratories Ltd. Ikeda 0724-37-0055 0724-37-0055
020176JP Antimicrobial Laboratory, Ishizuka GLASS Co., Ltd. Yamamoto 0587-37-2501 0587-37-2501
020177JP Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd. Yazawa 047-457-4971 047-457-4971
020178JP Sinanen Zeomic Co., Ltd. Tokutake 052-653-3201 052-654-2369
Z90130JP Biological Test Laboratory, Kaken Test Center General Incorporated Foundation Nakasone 06-6441-0315 06-6441-2420
090289JP Evaluation Technical Center, Daiwa Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. Kitamura 06-6328-0500 06-6326-0598
100299JP Research Institution, Chemical Department, San-Ai Oil Co., Ltd. Saito (H) 0299-80-3731 0299-80-3732
020179JP Osaka Office, Highpolymer Test & Evaluation Center, Japan Chemical Innovation and Inspection Institute Hayakawa 06-6788-8134 06-6788-7891
Z70106JP Seibu Office, Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center Imoto 06-6946-4855 06-6946-4825
020173JP Head Office, Japan Food Research Laboratories Ota 072-641-8954 072-641-8965
010166JP Analysis & Assessment Office, Technology Research Div, LIXIL Corporation Tokushima 0569-43-3903 0569-43-3948
170379JP Labolatory, General Center of R & D, TOAGOSEI CO.,LTD Sugiura 052-611-9928 052-614-0270